How Far do Tornadoes Travel

How Far Do Tornadoes Travel?

Tornadoes are violent columns of rotating winds that come into contact with the Earth’s surface. A powerful natural weather phenomenon, each tornado is so unpredictable and erratic that it’s difficult to know exactly how a given tornado will behave. But data has helped meteorologists make some interesting findings. This article is about how tornadoes travel …

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Tornado vs Tsunami

Tornado vs Tsunami Comparison (what’s the difference?)

They both start with a T, and they are both pretty destructive. When you hear about a tornado or a tsunami, you know it is going to be big news. Both are forces of nature that serve humans a big slice of humble pie, but what is the difference between a tornado vs tsunami?

How Does a Tornado Stop

How Does a Tornado Stop?

Despite the fact that we’ve known about tornadoes for thousands of years and that meteorologists are actively studying them (and have been doing so for decades), there are still a lot of unknowns about these storms. We already know a fair amount about how twisters start, but many people wonder how does a tornado stop? …

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