What do Tornado Dreams Mean?

We all dream, even those people who claim they don’t. They just forget what they dreamt about. Boring dreams are easily forgotten, but exciting dreams are likely to stay stuck in your memory. Exciting dreams like those about tornadoes.

If you have dreams about tornadoes, you’re probably very eager to find out where they’re coming from. Same as any other dream, tornado dreams can also have different meanings. It all depends on what’s currently going on in your life.

Your subconscious mind might be using tornadoes as a symbol for something else. There are some clues that can shed light on what your mind is trying to tell you.

What Do Tornado Dreams Mean?

Tornado Dreams

In order to figure out your tornado dream meaning, first, you need to do your best and try to remember as many details about the dream as possible. The reason is simple – different dreams have different meanings. For example, you may dream about getting caught in a tornado, or you can dream of watching it from a safe distance.

So, the best way to help you out is to discuss some of the most common tornado dreams.

Dream no. 1 – Getting caught in a tornado.

If you had a dream about getting caught in a raging tornado, it may mean that you’re having problems to control your emotions. A tornado, in this case, can be a symbol of anger, disappointment, or some other negative emotion.

Dream no. 2 – Tornado is approaching.

If you dreamt about a tornado that was getting closer and closer, it may mean that your subconscious mind is worried about something. Perhaps there’s a big event coming up that could make a big change in your life. You may be concerned about a work-related issue, something related to your friends and family, and so on.

Dream no. 3 – You’re trying to get away from a tornado.

If a tornado is chasing you in your dream, it may mean that you’re at a point in life when you’re trying to solve some major issues. For instance, there might be something wrong going on at your work, which is constantly keeping your mind occupied, even when you’re deep asleep.

Dream no. 4 – You’ve survived a tornado.

This dream might have come as a consequence of some turmoil that you recently had in your life. Maybe there was a big problem at your work that you’ve successfully handled, but it still haunts you in your dreams.

Dream no. 5 – You’re watching a tornado from a safe place.

Sometimes this kind of dream means that you feel threatened by someone. There might be some person in your life who has the potential to cause you some unpleasantness. For instance, that person can be a new coworker who could take over your role in the company.

Dream no. 6 – You’re lifted high in the sky by a tornado.

Even though it seems scary, this dream might signify something good – you might be close to starting a new romantic relationship, something which always feels like a tornado lifting you high. Unfortunately, this dream could also mean just the opposite. You might be sensing that your romantic relationship is about to come to an end.

Dream no. 7 – A tornado has destroyed your home.

Here’s another scary dream that can, in some cases, mean something good. If you dream about a tornado destroying your home, it can mean that your subconscious mind is telling you that you need to make a big change in your life. Basically, you need to start from scratch!

Dream no. 8 – Multiple tornadoes.

Dreams about multiple tornadoes usually signify volatile social relationships. It can mean good things, like starting a new passionate relationship. Or, it can mean that you had (or going to have) a big argument with someone you care about.

Dream no. 9 – You’re trying to catch a tornado.

If you’re chasing a tornado in your dream, it may mean that you’re trying to get someone to respect you. Or, exactly the opposite. There might be someone who’s trying too hard to impress you, which your subconscious mind is interpreting as something pretty annoying.

Dream no. 10 – You’re killed by a tornado in your dream.

This dream is pretty scary and it can mean that deep down in your mind you’re seriously concerned about your physical or emotional state. If you’re in a period in life where you’re not feeling happy, this dream might be a warning sign that you need to change something ASAP.

Of course, sometimes when you dream about tornado, it’s because you were thinking about them lately. If you live in an area that’s often hit by tornadoes, such as Tornado Alley, it’s only normal to have them in your dreams. Or, maybe you just watched The Wizard of Oz lately. But, if your tornado dream is recurring, it’s a whole different story…

Recurring Dreams About Tornadoes?

“What do tornado dreams mean?” – This is the question that’s been puzzling psychoanalysts for decades. Such dreams are particularly interesting if they keep on coming back. Based on Carl Jung’s theory of dreams, all recurring dreams are signs of unresolved issues.

What this basically means is that you’ve suppressed an emotional issue deep in your mind and now your subconscious is trying to bring it back to the surface in the form of a dream. Unfortunately, these dreams can be quite scary. They can wake you up in the middle of the night and ruin your sleep, so it’s very important to deal with the issue that’s causing them.

That said, you need to give it a thought and try to find the exact reason that’s been causing these dreams to appear. It’s essential to realize that even if you’re trying your best to avoid thinking about unpleasant things, your subconscious mind will not let them go away.

Instead of running away from your emotional issues, the solution is to face them bravely. And once you’ve dealt with the root of the problem, tornado dreams won’t ever come back to haunt you. 🙂

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Image: Wiki Commons